TBS Changemakers

Our Changemakers programme

We deliver a tailored programme that is built to inform, train, inspire and fund sports volunteering opportunities for underserved youth.

The first part of the programme is split into two workshop. The first introduces sport event volunteering, unpicks the myths and presents the opportunity.- The second workshop focuses on personal development and prepares young people for recruitment.

The second part of the programme is the application process. Young people take part in an adapted recruitment process that has been tailored beforehand in collaboration with the event organiser. The objective is for young people to put their learnings into practice and ultimately confirm their volunteer position. The group will also have the opportunity to meet volunteers and experience a live sporting event behind the scenes before the event.

Finally the programme accompanies the youth from the start of the application process all the way through to the volunteering experience, providing moral and financial support in order to deliver a life changing experience.


World Athletics Indoor Championships Glasgow '24

We are working with Glasgow Life, who lead the local organising committee for the World Athletics Indoor Championships, taking place in Glasgow in March 2024 to create our first Changemakers programme.

Glasgow Life is committed to promoting and enforcing respect and diversity in Glasgow. Leading the LOC, they will be working heavily with World Athletics, an organisation which also celebrates diversity, inclusion and equality through impactful programmes and campaigns such as #WeGrowAthletics, to host the event, along with other event partners. 

Programme objectives

We have three core objectives that we are looking to achieve through our TBS Changemakers programme.

Rethink recruitment
Diversity & Inclusion
Support young people

Challenge the standard sports event volunteering recruitment processes to give more equal opportunities for all.

Make sports event volunteering more accessible, diverse and inclusive.

Give young people from underrepresented backgrounds the opportunity to take part in a life changing experience, with tools to better access employment and build their confidence in life.